The Empress is relieved, my major painting is finished!

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Here she is! My gift to my Husband for his 50th birthday. It is how we remember Hong Kong from a great trip a few years ago. As you can see, the Empress is by her side patiently waiting for me to get back to her. 
Thankfully my dear Husband P was very happy with his gift. He did have some input in its design so it wasn’t a surprise. It’s hard to hide a painting this big in our 3 bedroom house.

I went through every range of emotions painting this, joy at the start of a new project, pure joy once the paint went down, frustration when I got the ratio wrong,and then enjoyment once I got going again. And then the time came when I knew it was done, time to say fin!  

There was so much I learnt too, techniques wise. I did gain some very useful knowledge from some books during this time, especially The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting: Techniques for Rendering Sky, Terrain, Trees and Water. By Suzanne Brooker.  This book was my mainstay throughout. It has so much to teach and is written in a way that I easily absorbed.  

I also painted listening to audiobooks on Audible, primarily the Harry Potter series. Stephen Fry is so engaging as a narrator. My time in the studio is so enriching and therapeutic,  I also spend some time at a friends studio every week. I am so blessed by this, painting with dear friends it could not be better!

So, until my next update and hopefully less time between,