There are many ways to express ourselves, whether it be by singing, playing and instrument, writing poetry or other literary works or the work of visual artists just to name a few. There are those of us that are blessed with the voice of the lark or songbird and then there’s me. The person you don’t want to stand next to at church or be in the car with for any length of time. I love to sing, but I truly stink at it! Honestly I do. I was blessed with the song of the crow. But you know what, it doesn’t stop me because when I am singing it makes me feel good. My adult daughter says that’s all well and good, but my singing definitely doesn’t make her feel good. Can’t please everyone.

When I express myself with my artwork it also makes me feel good, it’s a different way to sing I guess. Instead of using words I am using brushstrokes to tell my story. I don’t seem to get as many complaints with my artwork and its process as opposed to my singing, so I must be doing something good.

Maybe I should sing while I paint, that could be interesting!

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Sing

  1. Thank you for this post. It offers me the opportunity to say a few things about the blessings God gives us. Sometimes they do not look like blessings until someone opens our eyes and mind to them.I am just wondering after reading this post if God ever creates junk. All that God creates can be used for excellent work. There are some people who adore singers with coarse voices. It all depends on how much the singer is ready to put in. If God puts the love of singing in someone’s heart it means he wants the person to sing and that the person can sing. When God gives us a dream or a passion for something he equips us for it. It is for us to fashion the tools. And we must not forget discouraging messages will come from even our closest persons; not from ill will but the best intentions; without knowing they are stopping us from doing what we may excel in for our good and theirs and the glory of God. The long and short of my comment- dive head and toes into singing, not ready to take failure for result and write back after a few years. You will shine beyond all expectations. God has a plan for your voice. He has indicated that plan to you by putting the love of singing in your heart. If you trust him, follow that plan. I advise that you do.


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