Issy’s Cafe

I spent a lovely morning amongst friends working on a project for my adult daughter’s room. Amongst her many prized possessions on display, she has a Nespresso machine. Yes, you read right, a Nespresso machine. It’s just fantastic, I use it every day, at least once! We have started many a day this year with a coffee sitting on her bed, and naturally we started calling it ‘Issy’s Cafe’.

We thought a sign above it would be fun. So here’s the progress I made on it today


I’m  using St Cuthbert’s Mill Watercolour paper, Schmincke watercolours and Copic multiliners.
In the section bottom right, you may be able to make out a faint drawing of a Coffee pot, I’ll be coming back to that and outlining that. I used watercolours to create the corner of colour. I wet the watercolour paper liberally before adding pigment and letting the paint do it’s own thing.
I still have a lot to do on both the font and the drawing top left. I have outlined the Persian style drawing top left with different Copic Multiliners. Here’s  a closeup of the drawing.


It’s a fun project, very different from my acrylic and oil painting processes, which I enjoy just as much.

I will post updates to the project as I do them. I don’t get to my art every day, but hopefully I can get to it on the weekend.


6 thoughts on “Issy’s Cafe

  1. Looks great Tan, will be fun to follow your process. What are you planning on using for the lettering, I’m worried that the Intricacy of the font doesn’t lend ttself well to watercolours.


    • Thanks Pete, I plan on doing a test run with Derwent Inktense Pencils which are water soluble and easier to control. If they are unsuccessful, I had thoughts of trying watercolour markers. It is an intricate font I agree, thanks for your comment and question


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